Ever since I was young, I have lived in the terror of IQ tests… One of my friends, back in the University days, was devising IQ tests for children… I was failing them repeatedly. Especially the ones with series of lines, squares and shapes in which you have to fill in the missing figure…

The results of my tests were systematically showing that I was a total moron. An IQ of 60-70… Even 50 once, painful memory… Hopeless with numbers as well, most painfully so when they are following each other in series and you have to tell the executioner what is missing: 1, 3, 9, then it jumps to 17, then you are at 90 something… there‘s a purple haze on my brain… just leave me alone… I have a prehistorical brain, I‘m the descendant of the one who was mixing the colours and painting mammoths on the walls of the cave, and who, because he was sloppy, left the imprint of his hand all over the place, making today‘s anthropologists with high IQ imagining complex religious uses of the number of figured fingers.

So, predictably enough, I reject all pretentious bullshit about IQ results, like: Angelina Jolie has a galactic IQ, as big as her breast circumference. I know what it means: she is quick at replacing numbers and figures in a series. But she would never be careless enough to leave the imprint of her hand on the wall if she were (scientifically) drawing a mammoth… There would be no art in this world with the IQ bunch of mental terrorists.