Obviously the “people of Rus” ignored the adage “never get high on your own supply”:

“When the Russians arrive in Khazaria with merchandise from their country, all are struck by their slim bodies and white skin, covered with outlandish drawings figuring birds of pray, beasts and pagan deities. They bring wine, meat, honey, furs and girls. They pray to a figure of Velesu, their deity of trade and cattle: “Oh, my lord, I have with me such-and-such quantity of girls, wine and honey for sale. I hope that you may send me a merchant rich in dinars and may he buy everything from me at my asking price, however high.”

After this they build wooden abodes on the river bank and sit with their beautiful female cattle for the merchants to buy.

But soon, one of the Russians, without waiting for a purchaser for his girl or merchandise begins to copulate with her himself, and his comrade, looking on him and seeing the girl also feels the desire to copulate rising in him. Sometimes a whole group of them gathers, and they copulate with their female merchandise and drink their wine and when a purchasing merchant finally arrives to buy something they wave him away menacingly.”

(Ahmed ibn Fadlan, cca 922, first ambassador for the Caliph to the “country of Rus” )